Day 1: Thumbs Up for This New Year


Happy New Year!

Would I know my own thumbprint in this line-up?

In the new year, we all like to reflect!  I’m wondering how much I really know about myself.  They say a thumbprint is unique, but if I saw mine in this line-up of five others, I’m sure I wouldn’t know mine from the next person’s thumb.  So, today, I’m going to memorize my thumbprint, and I want to challenge you to do the same.  It can be simple if we think of it like a landform map.

First, I needed to take my thumbprint so that I could study it!  I like getting ink on my fingers, but I remember a cleaner way that I once saw in a kids detective book.  Using a pencil, I just shaded a small square on a sheet of paper big enough to take my print.  I smashed my thumb in it and stuck the black lead print on the sticky side of some clear tape.  When I stuck that tape onto my paper, I had a print like you see in these pictures.

Once I had my print, I really looked at it!   To memorize it easily, I imagined it is a landform map and explained its topography.  Maybe you’ll notice a snow-peaked mountain in the South with long rows of grain in the Northwest like I did.  Now, to really brand it in the brain, I used the same map concept and gave directions telling how to move to the most prominent feature on my new map from its opposite direction.  Now that I’ve done this activity, I can easily pick out my own thumbprint.  This activity took about ten minutes to complete after finding the tape.  Go for it!

As Eric Jensen says in the book Enriching the Brain, “Students who watch interesting and engaging activities that others do, but are not actively participating, are not likely to show an enrichment response.”

So, just thinking about this activity won’t help your brain.  You’ll need to do it in order to gain some enrichment from your new visual picture of your thumbprint.  Have fun and drop a comment when you finish!

OK, it may seem silly, but you'll catch yourself finding landforms that look like your thumb... I promise!


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