Day 2: Why Variations Bring Out the Genius in Us


Variations of the Colors on Each End

“Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.” Albert Einstein

We started a claymation this week, which is a moving video like the old Mr. Bill.  I forgot how difficult it was to mix clay colors, but above you’ll see some of the variations we came up with between the starting colors on each end.

For today’s creative activity, I tried to do the same thing using two objects.  Think of it like the clay colors above.  I put one object, a fork, on one end and another object, a chair, on the other end.  Now my job is to morph the fork into the chair with two or three variations in between.  It’s taking awhile, but so far, I have a hanging metal chair with a scoop-like seat resembling a fork, a miniature chair-like hors d’oeuvre holder, and a spiral-type stand alone fork seat chair.  This is not the best example.  One week, I morphed a brick to coffee and got really inspired.  Coffee does that for me.

Variations can lead to great inventions.  Try your own today, and please send me a comment!

OK...It's not an invention, but if you do it enough you may be on to something!


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