Day 3: Why Not Use Reconstruction to Bring Some Healing?


Reconstruction on our street makes driving more challenging.


Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.   Albert Einstein

Who decides what kind of reconstruction needs to happen? For some reason, our sidewalks are being reconstructed. I’m not sure when they’ll finish or why it’s taking place, but creative driving skills get us home daily. It’s not very easy walking up the street either, but who’s complaining in this wonderful new year?

We watched The Tourist the other day, and I was amused at one scene where a completely burned letter was being pieced back together for clues to catch a criminal.  That’s reconstruction.  I guess we all have to reconstruct things from time to time since we’re human, and we don’t usually get things perfect the first time.  I’ve even found that it’s sometimes easier just to start over again.

That made me think about today’s creative activity, which you might guess is going to be reflective.  Let’s go back and reconstruct a conversation.  I’m choosing to write about a specific incident when I said something I now regret.  I was about 16 years old at the time, so I’m going to rewrite this scene as if I’m reconstructing the past and saying what I should have said all of those years ago.  Reconstructing.  Why don’t you take the challenge with me?

This kind of reconstruction can bring healing to our past and help us speak with more purpose today.

Oh, come on! I blurred mine, but you can write it down! It’s really therapeutic!


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