Day 5: Doing the Abnormal Can Help the Brain



This sick bird probably became prey to an obnoxious cat yesterday.

We stumbled onto this little bird near the back gate.  It didn’t even attempt to fly when we walked near it.  One girl tried to feed it water, but we all knew it was just a matter of time.  Something was obviously wrong with it.  It was abnormal.


At the park, I noticed someone abnormally smiling while exercising.  Somehow, it made me smile too.  Good for her.  Abnormal things draw us.  Being abnormal, though, is something I like to avoid.

Abnormal sometimes demands attention like these did.

Today’s challenge is quite fun.  All you’ll need is some paper and a pencil.  Sketch a picture of a friend using your non-dominant hand.  It will feel abnormal, but that is great for the brain.

“It wasn’t until school that we realised that we were abnormal.” Gilbert Hernandez

Left-handed drawing… only slightly better than blindfolded drawing!


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