Day 6: Designing Can Improve Your Creativity


I'm inspired by my daughter's design project.

All three of my children enjoyed Design Studio.  It’s a class where students learn to design using both interactive computer programs and everyday elbow grease to produce a feature product.  I’ve loved watching the creative outcomes involving logos, branding, advertisements, service suits, model products, and service store models.  It’s a highlight for me to walk by the finished products shown-off in the art studio every year.

They say, “It takes one to know one.”  So take the challenge and stretch your own brain in a more simplified version of a design studio activity- that is to “draw out” your dream company.

Imagine having an unlimited amount of money to open a store.  What will it be?  I’d always thought that I’d like to open a paper shop and do calligraphy classes.  Today, I’m choosing one that’s more active and involves a lot of people doing what I love.  My shop is going to have two levels based around theatre and costumes.  The place will be called AcTeams.  It’s a team building store where companies have events based on acting out real scenes from musicals, singing along in Karaoke style, and dressing in fun costumes.  My staff will direct the whole experience so that everyone has fun and learns to work well together. The bottom floor is for merchandise.  We sell costumes and hold educational events for children in the daytime.  That’s the store I want to own.

My dream company... as of today!

“In art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


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