Day 7: How to Have a Green Brain Even If You Don’t Have a Green Thumb


This beautiful orchid does not know it belongs to me!

I wish I had a green thumb!  In order to keep plants alive, I usually do a few things.  First, I never tell the plant it’s coming to my house.  As history has proven, once it realizes its new location, it begins the wilting process. Second, I try to stay far away from the plant.  If I go sing near it or touch it, it will die.  Third, I always let the children water the plant.  Plants seem to like children.

Plant growth and brain growth are somewhat similar.  Plants seem to respond to some people and places positively.  Maybe it’s the environment, or it senses a person’s ability to help it thrive.  Our brains are similar.  As we get older, we have to keep it actively growing.  Most of us can choose whether or not to study or to nurture the creation of new neurons.

Research shows that creativity produces growth in the aging brain, and you’ll be happy to know that it can gain growth spurts after the age of 50 (I’m very close now)!  Follow the link above; then, join us with today’s brain stretching activity!

Today, I want to challenge us to create as many color idioms as possible using a color and a noun.  Think of the ones we already know: green thumb, brown nose, black magic, etc.  Now, make up your own list and create a definition.  Here’s one I’m going with- Pink eyes (not to be confused with pink eye):To see the world as a soft pillow— waiting to be enjoyed.  Usage: She skipped through the garden with pink eyes, picking daisies and playing with ladybugs.

This can keep you making connections all day…or at least for an hour!

Now share your own with us! If you’re not following us, please click the RSS Feed and join us on this creative journey!


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