Day 8: Why We Need Flexibility of Mind and Body


Whether young or old, it pays to be flexible!

Flexibility of body and of mind keeps us active.  This man in the park today challenged my idea of physical flexibility (which was more like the man at the bottom of this blog). Some say that hardships develop flexibility we can use to encounter various events throughout the day.  Flexible people respond with appropriate actions when difficulties come along more so than rigid people.

Last August, the Sunday Times ran an article about keeping our brains flexible called Keeping Your Brain Ticking.  Neurologist Dr. J.B. Peiris gave practical strategies like “think about how you will use information” when you acquire it.  This allows our brains to want to remember what we are learning, whether it is a name, a number, a new strategy, or a pattern.

Today, I want to challenge us to excercise our brain muscle with a memory game.  Secret service men and women are required to have impressive memories, but I rarely take the time to excercise this kind of thinking.  So today, let’s just work on memory together.  I’m going to focus on a set of objects near me for two whole minutes.  It’s a group of oddly arranged green plants in my den.  After a couple of minutes, I’ll try to reproduce the image on paper.  Later today, I’ll try to do it again.

Join me in activating the brain whenever you are stuck somewhere with an opportunity to make your brain more flexible.  I’ll vow to try it too.

Flexibility… more on my level!

“Be infinitely flexible and constantly amazed.” Jason Kravitz


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