Day 10: Why I’m Addicted to Coffee


My neighbor’s front door says it all!

If I were on Survivor, they would vote me out my first day without coffee (if not for some other reason).  Without it, I don’t see straight.  Today, we start back to school after a three-week break.  I’m excited and sufficiently filled with coffee.

Am I addicted to coffee? I did try to quit once, and within a few days my family brought me some coffee and said, “Drink this!  You need it!”  The scientific research is not conclusive, but I know that coffee affects my mood positively.

When we are sick, we like “comfort foods,” and when we are down, we like to be in places that are familiar.  Change is something I love, but don’t mess with my morning routine, which includes an hour of slowly sipping my coffee, quiet reading, and prayer.

If you love coffee like I do, you’ll find all kinds of brain research that shows it is good for anything from protecting your brain from brain cancer to boosting your memory to keeping away Parkinson’s disease.  If you are against drinking coffee, you can find as much brain research in the opposite direction.  In summary, we don’t really know whether or not it’s good for us, but I like it.

Here’s a really interesting link about coffee and the brain.

That brings me to today’s activity.  Think back to a time when you were really down or sick.  What are some of the things that people did that really showed you that they cared about you?  I remember being very sick at the end of a show in college.  I was dancing with a high fever.  When coming off the stage, my friend immediately put me  in the car and took me to the doctor.  I could not and would not have done that for myself, but it’s what I really needed.  I returned to the dorm with medicine, fluids, and slept for several days.  WOW!  That was the act of friendship!

How about you?  When did someone show that kind of love for you?


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  1. Thanks. 🙂 You gave me my post today!

    Trying to. Any time you want to have a good long rant just stop on by. You saw how long the last one was that I posted.

    Oh, I’m addicted to coffee!! Don’t ask how many a day I have because I refuse to count them. And no it doesn’t keep me up, In fact i think coffee helps put me to sleep late at night. 😉

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