Day 14: To Get More Energy, Get More Sleep


Putting it all on one post saves concrete slabs and several trips for the meter reader!

My 90-year-old grandmother has more energy than most people I know.  She rides about three buses to get to church and has usually already visited another church by the time I see her at about 10 a.m.  Interestingly, though, she and I both believe that when the sun goes down, we need to start preparing for sleep.

I love that brain research supports the need for sleep!  Science Daily ran an article last July relating the role of sleep and brain energy.  They found, by observing the ATP (which is related to cell energy) in the brains of rats, that sleep replenishes ATP levels.  When the rats were forced to stay awake for longer than usual periods of time, the rats’ ATP levels were not restored as they should have been.

OK, we’re not rats, but aren’t we glad the scientists aren’t hooking up machines to our brains during the day and night.  I’m afraid they would quickly assume a different specimen after a long look at my brain.

Still, I like to have a lot of energy.  My father-in-law says that I’m definitely ADHD.  He relates that to the fact that I can’t stay still for very long.  Yes, I admit, I strongly desire lots of movement and getting a lot of things done before going to sleep.  Yet, the idea of sleep replenishing energy fascinates me.

That brings me to today’s activity.  If I had energy to do anything at all and the knowledge to accomplish it knowing that I wouldn’t fail, what are my three top endeavors?  I could easily answer, like the beauty queens, “world peace,” but I’d like to realistically think about it awhile.  In this activity, you might come up with some new life goals.  Go ahead and give it a try.

Don’t forget to drop a comment as well.


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