Day 21: 3 Ways to Form a New Habit as You Enrich Your Brain


This inspirational park structure reminds us….Never give up!

Twenty-one days down! This year, I took the Word Press Post-A-Day 2011 Challenge!  I almost quit during week two, but now I’ve made it past the magic number it takes to start a new habit!  Hurray!!! Here’s what I did.

Keep it simple. I have a simple mind, so I need a simple plan! I chose one big routine and two small ones.  One is personal, one is healthy, and the other is spiritual.

Make it fun. I was shocked and amused by my friend Scott’s new routine.  A few years ago he chose to start drinking coffee as his New Year’s resolution.  That was a funny one, and I won’t tell you the funny one I’m working on this year.  I will say that this “post a day challenge” has been a super fun stretch for me!

Keep yourself accountable. I happened upon a fun and free application that keeps me accountable daily.  I recommend you register your three routines at and direct it to your mailbox.  Why?  It asks you daily whether or not you did each routine and even allows you to update the rootein from your email address.  It’s simple and it’s free.  I have loved it!

Neuroscience research indicates that a variety of new habits help form new neural pathways, according to an article last March in Psychology Today.  So, for today’s challenge, if you haven’t started a new habit this year, it’s still not too late.  Think about the one habit you’ve always wanted to start but haven’t!  You can sign it into your new account which is free and will take only about five minutes to create.  Go ahead! What’s stopping you?

“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” John Dryden

What habit would you like to form?  Send a comment and let us know!


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