Day 24: 5 Things This Country Girl Loves about the City


Big cities have something for everyone!

I love big cities!  When I was a child, I thought that Birmingham, Alabama, was a very big city.  My father drove back and forth from our country home daily, but we did not often travel downtown.  When we did, it was a big event.  There must be at least five reasons I love big cities.

I love musical theatre. Mom worked hard to be sure that we were exposed to fine music and theatre.  Perhaps that’s why I grew to love big cities.  As a child, she somehow managed to get us into a matinee for some show.  I vividly remember a prop rolling out on the stage with dry ice barreling out from under it.  I don’t know what show it was, but it hooked me.

I love living near big hotels. The first big city I lived near was Johannesburg, South Africa.  We would park and walk through huge shopping arcades mostly connected to large hotels like the Ritz Carlton.  I was not a big spender, but I was fascinated.

I really love public transportation. My husband and I moved to San Francisco, California, shortly after we married.  I never realized how much fun it could be to get around on public transport.  We used the trolley, the ferry, the bus, our own feet, and the subway!  I really hate to drive, so big cities are just right for me.  Using public transport makes me feel more healthy.

I love art museums. I’ve never lived near a great art museum, but when we visited London, I was a child in a candy store.  I drug my poor family to so many museums, and could go back in a heartbeat.  There is just nothing like standing in front of a Van Gogh painting and admiring it personally.

I love parks. Last summer I got to visit my son and good friends in New York.  I fell in love with Central Park.  Here in Bangkok, we enjoy Lumpini Park.  Most people go for exercise, but I love to go and relax my mind.  There is something about sitting in a beautiful place and enjoying God’s nature that relaxes me.

Though I’m a country girl, I just love the city, which brings me to today’s creative activity.  Imagine that you are sitting in a park and someone walks up to you with a letter.  This is a letter from a person you used to like, written when you were sixteen.  In the letter, the two of you have just gotten back from an amazing field trip. Imagine you are reading that letter.  What would it say?

“A great city is not to be confounded with a populous one. ” Aristotle


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  1. Hi Claudia! I just found your website, and I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing all your thoughts.

    PS – WHEN (not if) you come visit me sometime in Chicago, I will have to take you to the Art Institute. Teachers get in for free, and I often just hang out there in the summer and picnic out in Grant Park.

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