Day 25: Two Sad Departures; One Long Weekend


We depart one place to arrive at another!

While standing in the Korean airport,  my friend pointed out that there was a line full of newlyweds for our flight.   Thinking only about getting checked in, I doubt I would have noticed otherwise.  Most of the couples had matching shirts, jackets, and some had matching shoes.  The girls had bouffant hair with perfect make-up, having just come from the wedding.  Watching people at airport departures can enlighten us.

Sometimes traveling is for pleasure, sometimes for business or for conferences, but other times we travel to make a permanent move.  At times a departure can separate us from those we love.

Yesterday morning  we sent our son back to college to finish his junior year.  Living overseas has been a rich experience, but moving far away from each other is one of the tougher parts.  In saying goodbye this time, a persistent thought in my head was magnified.  We are soon to send all three of our children overseas for college.  Our second daughter will graduate this year, and the last will graduate next year.  It was a sad departure.

Departures come in many different forms.  Some of them are good, and some of them leave us with a deep ache.  If you need of a good cry, I’d like to recommend another departure we experienced this weekend in the movie, Departures.  To experience it fully, you need to watch it in Japanese and read the subtitles in your own language.  I know that sounds really artsy, but I haven’t seen anyone watch it without crying–even in Japanese.  It will grab your heart and send it back with a new sense of hope.

My activity for today is very simple.  Get a hold of the movie Departures.  Watch it with a friend and a big box of tissue.  Then go out and find a smooth stone to give to someone you love!  Believe me, it’s worth it!  I’ve seen it about five times now.

“There is a time for departure even when there’s no certain place to go.” Tennessee Williams


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