Day 26: Six Reasons Why I Procrastinate


We all have the same amount of time…it’s about how we spend it!

I like getting things done early, but there are some jobs about which I find myself procrastinating.  I was just thinking about reasons why I procrastinate (another form of it).  For me, it’s about not getting started, and here’s my short list of why I don’t.

1. Sometimes I want to clean something first.  When I know I have something big to do, I notice something nearby that needs organized or cleaned.  (When I start to clean, my husband gets excited.)  I cleaned my classroom for that very reason this afternoon.

2. Sometimes I want to eat something and then start. Even if I’ve just eaten, before I attempt some big job, I will stop and get a snack or make some coffee.  I might even get out the tea set and have a cup of tea with milk and sugar.

3. Sometimes I want to watch something before I get started. Here’s a video that helped me procrastinate.  Maybe I will decide that I just need to find out what’s on TV.

4. Sometimes I want to connect with friends so that I’ll be ready to get started.  Even if I haven’t looked at Facebook for several weeks, when I’m procrastinating, you can bet I’ll go there.

5. I might even procrastinate and spend quality time with my family, which always makes me feel better when I get started.  Suppose a big project is up, but my husband’s going for a walk to the store.  I’ll go along and love it.  I’ve satisfied two needs at once.  I’ve been with my sweetheart, and I’ve managed to put off the thing I’m supposed to start.

6. Maybe I’m afraid that I’ll do too good of a job if I start early. That’s always a possibility.  So, I procrastinate.  After all, adrenaline kicks in when we’re closer to the deadline, and that could help us think more creatively.  I saw a very funny picture in the mall of a girl with one of the legs duplicated and headed in the wrong direction.  It’s obviously a mistake, but not really noticeable unless you look carefully at it and see the direction of the legs.  We decided it was due to the person getting too close to the deadline and burning the midnight oil.

I could go on and on, because I really don’t want to grade the pile of papers that I’m “about to” start on.  Maybe someone needs me to help them with something instead.

So, today’s creative activity is fun. List all of the reasons why it might be good to procrastinate.  Go ahead. Send them on with the comments button.  I know you have some good ones.

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.” ~William James

Hey, how about an unstarted task, William James?


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  1. I suddenly realize how smelly I am and need to take a shower immediately. Or I notice how many dirty clothes I have in the hamper and do laundry, how can you start a big project when you have dirty hair and dirty clothes?

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