Day 27: Three Things I Don’t Understand about Men


I’m not a feminist…but there are a few things about men which surprise me!

I grew up in a family of five girls.  We knew all about fixing hair and matching clothes.  While I do love men, there are still a few things that confound me.

Men take pictures and videos of cars on display. While walking in the mall last week, I saw it again.  A new car, which I didn’t even notice as I passed, until I almost tripped over the ten men I found there with their cameras and videos shooting this revolving car. I just don’t get this at all.  It’s a car, for heaven’s sake.  It’s not a new baby or even a movie star standing by it.  I didn’t even notice the make or the color of the car.  What’s the big deal, guys?

Men use belt buckles and paper clips to clean their ears. This is another thing I didn’t notice until I got to college.  I knew that my dad cleaned his ears with strange things, but getting to college clued me in on the fact that the whole gender seems to do it.  Come on guys, Q-tips have been invented.  I know they aren’t always handy, and you may need to walk a few extra steps to get one.  Come on.  Isn’t it worth the effort?

Men have spent endless hours memorizing lines from childhood cartoons. This is a gender thing that I happened upon in South Africa.  A had gone with a large group of westerners to Cape Town for a vacation. While eating, the men started a conversation about cartoons.  Within a few minutes, these guys were quoting lines from Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo, and Tweety Bird.  There became an obvious separation of gender in the discussion.  My girlfriend and I were perplexed.  This is something I had never realized about men and one of my three things I still don’t understand.

That leads me to today’s activity.  What is a quirky thing you’ve noticed about yourself?  Do you, like me, crave marshmallows at times?  Do you stop and listen to anyone presenting an interesting dramatic monologue?  Do you have to leave the room when someone is singing slightly off key?  What are quirks that make you unique?

“Behind every successful man is a surprised woman.” — Maryon Pearson

So, guys, do fill us in.  I’m sure you have your reasons for these things I don’t understand, but do send a comment along for our entertainment!


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