Day 28: 3 Reasons Why I Would Rather be Sick on Sports Day


I love teaching, but not if I have to sweat a long time!

Today is sports day at school.  It is my least favorite day of the year.  Most of my students love it, but a few of them tend to be like me.  Put me on the stage, but please don’t throw me out on that sports field.

I was usually the last person chosen for a sports event. I can’t really blame my PE coaches or the students in my class.  It was really just my inability to be able to hit or shoot any kind of sports ball in the direction it needed to go.

I usually scored the most points for the challenging team. I remember being in a volleyball game as a teenager.  Whenever the ball came to me, I would either hit it out of bounds behind me or over a nearby fence.  I had to laugh about it.  I’m just not talented spatially.  I am grateful that none of my children inherited this gift from me. Except for the time when our daughter almost made a point for the opposing team in little kids soccer, they all seem to be pretty good at sports.

I don’t even know the lingo. One day my daughter reminded me that she needed to stay after school for team pictures.  My question for her before even thinking, “Did you bring your costume?”  I have a great relationship with our middle school coach, but he was amused when I told him that the school has his yard looking pretty good now.

So, today I head to school for sports day.  I’ll be getting my costume together when I get there.  I’m going to put on a big smile, and tell the students that, ” Sure, we have a chance at winning!”  I’m going to pray that they don’t have the event we had last year where the teacher had to try to throw a ball to break a tie for the class.  I don’t even need to tell you how that turned out.

Today’s creative activity-write a sentence about how you feel about sports using exactly nine words.  Go ahead and stretch your brain. While you’re at it, post the nine words on a comment so we can enjoy them too.

“Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.” -Satchel Paige


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