Day 30: Why We Each See the World Differently


This is the view from our back window!

Not long ago, a hotel was built right behind our house.  Funny that this is the view from our back window, since we are not allowed to swim in this beautiful pool.  Still, it changes the way we see things, and we find that we are more careful about what we’re wearing before we step outside. Sometimes we see the world differently because of our physical surroundings.

Last summer, I visited the MOMA in New York. I’ve been drawn to Van Gogh’s paintings for years. My highlight was admiring The Starry Night, which may be Van Gogh’s portrayal of the image he saw from his own window that he alluded to in a letter to his brother.  It seems that even though Vincent Van Gogh suffered in many ways mentally, he was able to capture a view of the world in a way we can appreciate.  Some see the world differently because of mental instability.

Last night, we stayed up late to see The King’s Speech. The movie gave us insight into the reasons for King George VI’s  stammering.  Indeed, the cruelty he experienced in his early life had a great impact on his ability to communicate with others and the way he saw his world.  We sometimes see the world differently because we have real memories that haunt us.

This morning I met a group of young children who we used to teach in the slum areas of Thailand.  These four children ran into our class smacking each other on the heads, laughing, and fighting.  Some people will see the world differently because they don’t have much hope of moving out of the world that traps them daily.

Today’s creative activity involves participation.  Let’s brainstorm some ways that we can meet the needs of those around us in order to help them see the world differently.  What’s your idea?  I am really thrilled about an active solution I heard about.  Just pack a lunch and give it to someone who needs it.  Maybe we can find out a bit more about them when we give them the brown bag.  Incidentally, I looked up this idea and found that there are Brown Bag organizations all over the world. It will only feed one person for one meal, but if we start somewhere, it may ignite a flame in us to find ways to help others help themselves. Sometimes, we can help ourselves see the world differently by starting to look in different places.


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  1. I love this, dear Claudia. We CAN make a difference. Your writing is truly inspirational. You need to collect all of theses and put them in a book!

    See you on the 8th (I hope).

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