Day 32: 3 Kinds of Litter We Need to Throw Away


Neighbors and passers-by, please listen once more! Please don’t throw any kind of garbage as you pass this area. Thank you so much!-Translated by Claudia

You have to hand it to our sweet Thai people.  They make every effort to do things in a kind way in order to keep things peaceful.  This is especially important in the neighborhood.  This sign is from a fed up neighbor who tries to keep his front gate area clean.  It made me laugh and think about the kinds of litter that clutter up my life.

The first kind of clutter I call emotional litter. Yesterday, I experienced this.  It is an ongoing problem in the life of a friend’s child.  Anytime we think of our children, things tend to get emotional.  That’s what happened yesterday.  Emotions were high as parents were trying to work out the problems of their children.  What’s difficult about emotional litter is that it’s hard to throw away.  Even as I awoke this morning, it’s still in my brain, cluttering up my thinking.

The second kind of clutter results from being over extended (or too many “to do lists” litter). I tend to take on too many projects.  I’m not really sure why.  Perhaps its because I get bored easily, or I have trouble saying “no” at times.  Maybe it’s because I have too many goals.  Sometimes over extension becomes clutter.  I can get so overwhelmed thinking about what I need to get done, that nothing seems to get accomplished.  This kind of litter needs to be thrown out.

The third kind of clutter comes from keeping everything (or too much stuff litter). I don’t really like to throw things away.  I keep thinking I may need it tomorrow.  My friend is on a cleaning binge, and I’m so proud for her.  I really need to do it as well, but my mind is still cluttered, and I can’t seem to get to it!

I loved the article put out by USA Today back in December.  It suggests that small businesses should also de-clutter.  These ideas by Rhonda Abrams are worth looking into as well.

That brings me to today’s activity. I’m going to take thirty minutes and get rid of some kind of litter.  It can be mental litter, where I take steps to separate myself from the thing that is tugging at my brain.  It may be getting rid of an extra-activity I’m doing, or it may be cleaning out some small corner that needs de-cluttering.  (My friend has been doing this for two weeks now!)  How about you?  Did you get rid of some litter that’s cluttering your life?

“I wish I had a talent for dropping things as well as taking on new ones. It gets to be quite a clutter after a while.”  Joshua Lederberg


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