Day 35: Four Kinds of Freaky People Who Get All of the Attention!


My freaky Friday sports day costume!

When we lived in California, we visited the Winchester Mystery House. A sad widow named Sarah Winchester, who lost both a child and a husband, seemed to feel that she must never stop building.  So we find staircases going nowhere!  It’s quite bizarre.

I’ve met some freaky people in my nearly half century on this planet. I’ve tried to put them into four categories, and I’m sure you’ve met some of them.  These people keep us laughing if they are not nearby.

1. Freaky from a distance people – Cowboy Joe died a few years ago.  He was an off- the-rocker fellow who lived on our street.  He had a little open bar and interacted with people.  We never knew what he would be wearing or doing when we walked by. Ladies needed to keep a distance.  Cowboy Joe was a master at taking our garbage and turning it into something useful.  One day we saw him wearing my daughter’s dress (we had thrown away) as a halter top.  My son and I parted like the Red Sea one day when he walked between us with a gigantic pair of scissors he was using to snip his hair or something on his head as he strolled along.  Our street hasn’t been the same since he passed away.

2. Freaky “things they do” people- American Idol is showing now.  It is the ultimate in showcasing a few people doing freaky things.  One of the most fun of the American Idol freaks was William Hung trying to sing and dance.  What an endearing guy.  On the other hand, we know of freaky people who do the abnormal.  Let’s just skip those, since they give us nightmares.

3. Freaky people who seem normal when you first meet them- I’m often amazed that some people can seem completely normal and then we hear about them stalking others.  They aren’t the types that seem to have a problem at all.  Then, in a short time, I hear about weird letters they wrote, and I’m baffled. I will chalk it up to my inability to quickly judge character.

4. Freaky Aunt or Uncle somebody- We all have one.  Everybody knows they “aren’t right,” and nobody leaves their children alone with them.  Still, we let them linger around family reunions, and we get just close enough to have a story to tell when it’s over.

Have you met any freaky people lately?  When it comes right down to it, we all have a bit of freakishness.  Today’s creative activity is to capitalize on the freaky people we know and the quirky things about us. For example, I love to have my hands covered in paint.  How can I capitalize on that?  List all of your quirks and freaky friends.  Then, think of ways that these quirky and freaky things could actually be an advantage to society.  Go ahead.  Give it a try!  Let’s get a quirky list going right now!

“All the freaky people make the beauty of the world.” Michael Franti


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