Day 36: Cinnamon, Cardamon, and Vanilla-Three Great Smells We Should Not Take for Granted


It’s hard for me to avoid eating a cinnamon roll if the smell is in the air!

My friend told me she lost her sense of smell as she got older.  I’m already losing my eyesight, but I can’t imagine not being able to smell or to taste that cinnamon roll. Contrary to what we might think, not being able to smell has no real advantages.

Scientists want to know how our brains know what we smell.  Yesterday, we learned that Professor Liqun Luo and other brain researchers find “smell” so important that they have spent ten years studying fruit fly olfactory system pathways according to a Science Daily article on February 4, 2011.

My students have a keen sense of smell.  If I eat a bowl of soup when they are in another class, as soon as they walk in the door they will ask, “What’s that smell?” It’s kind of funny.  When I taught science, middle school students would walk in saying, “I smell something gross. What’s our experiment today?”

According to another Science Daily Article, Traumatic Brain Injury Causes Loss of Smell and Taste, people who cannot smell appropriately are prone to depression and anxieties as a result.  They have problems with cooking and enjoying food.  The article says that they have worries over hygiene, and they are not able to smell gas, which might signal danger.

So, I say, go ahead and enjoy your comforting smells of cinnamon, cardamon, and vanilla.  Today’s creative challenge is to savor the tastes in your food.  Try to distinguish each flavor and spice.  Determine what mixture of spices might add an even more interesting combination of flavors on your palette.  While you’re at it, please post a comment and let us know your favorite spice.  Come on and participate with us!

“Until you walk a mile in another man’s moccasins you can’t imagine the smell.” Robert Byrne


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  1. I eat and drink a lot of cinnamon (evidently good for controlling blood sugar levels). If vanilla is a spice that is my favourite one!

    When I cannot smell (due to allergies or a cold) I do not want to eat. So I can see how disastrous it would be to lose this sense for ever.

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