Day 37: What Can You Do in Exactly One Minute?


Great accomplishments begin one minute at a time!

What can you do in one minute?  The New York TImes posted an article in December about “apps” which will help us “while away” the spare minutes in our day, but I say we can use those extra minutes to accomplish something.

We can learn from those around us by finding out how they use time.  Here are some of the fun responses I collected these past two days.

Responses from teenagers:

  • I can check my facebook (top answer by teenagers)
  • I can wash the dishes
  • I can drink a whole can of Coke
  • I can clean my room
  • I can read a book (using Spark Notes)
  • I can take a shower
  • I can check my email
  • I can study for a test
  • I can do my hair
  • I can get dressed for school and get back into bed
  • I can put on my make-up
  • I can do my homework
  • I can brush my teeth

Responses from men:

  • I can say the ABC’s (top answer by men)
  • I can eat a medium-sized DQ Blizzard
  • I can tie my shoes
  • I can make a PB&J sandwich
  • I can make a complete phone call
  • I can take a shower
  • I can order pizza
  • I can give a talk
  • I can get dressed (if necessary)
  • I can write a limerick
  • I can eat a sandwich
  • I can give instructions on how to do something
  • I can buy a list of groceries
  • I can lay out my work-out clothes
  • I can drink a cup of iced tea
  • I can eat French fries
  • I can read a really cool blog post

Responses from women:

  • I can put on lipstick (top answer for women)
  • I can eat a Krispy Kreme doughnut slowly
  • I can drink a glass of water
  • I can open and read an email
  • I can read the headlines
  • I can tell someone I love them
  • I can undress
  • I can find a song on Youtube
  • I can tell a joke
  • I can lay out my clothes for the next day
  • I can eat a cup of yogurt
  • I can put on shoes
  • I can iron a T-shirt
  • I can dial the telephone
  • I can give my children a hug and tell them to be careful
  • I can pour my cup of coffee and get it ready to drink

Surely you will participate in today’s creative activity!  Let us know what you can do in exactly one minute (please be polite) and leave a comment so we can all enjoy it!

“A hero is one who knows how to hang on one minute longer.” Novalis


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  1. Haha I don’t know but this list seems to confirm a lot of other gender/age clichés. Women dial the phone while men have an entire conversation too, this is bound to generate communication problems at some point 😉

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