Day 40: Five Wise Women Who Continue to Change My Life


This dog door gives Biscuit the freedom she needs to live comfortably in our house!

We like to think that our door is always open.  There are times when it is literally true, but more often, our door opens to wise people who make a pathway into our hearts and our lives.  For this I am blessed.  Three of these friends visit me regularly, and the other two continue to change me even though I don’t see them often.

1. Many Tuesday nights, I get to share supper in my home with a long time and lovely friend of mine. We grab a bite to eat and converse deeply.  We have known each other for years as our children have grown up together.  We can share our weaknesses and feelings of insecurities because we have nothing to prove to each other.  I seek her wisdom and find comfort in her company.  Who am I to be honored with such a wise friend?  She taught my daughter at a time when the need was great, and she encouraged me at one of my lowest moments.

2. Another wise friend of mine can’t come visit anymore, but she sends a daughter to visit from time to time. She used to be my neighbor when my children were small.  She taught me how to line curtains and encouraged me as I raised my children.  Wise counsel poured from her mouth and spurred me upwards.  She loved on our family, and when she left, my heart really ached.  I could not walk past her door for many days.

3. My dearest friend has a very sweet name (which I will not tell you in this post). I first met her about fifteen years ago.  She waltzed into my life and we connected.  There are no secrets between us.  We say what we think, good or bad.  She is family, though we aren’t related by blood.

4. Just “good folk” is the best way to describe my other wise friend. She is in and out of our country, but I hold her close.  Her wisdom comes from long years of serving others.  I hope to grow up to be like her one day.

5. A most wise woman gave me freedom to be who I am. I rarely get to see my own mother, but she is a gem.  She was very young when I was a child, but she knew that I needed space to grow and learn.  Mother taught and trained us to work hard and produce things with excellence.  The normal thing would never do.  I have always known that my mother could do anything she put her mind to do.  For that reason, I always thought that I could too!  What a wise mother knows is that the door needs to always be open and never locked.  She didn’t trap me, but instead freed and inspired.

Today’s creative activity is to reflect on the people who spur you on.  What about them encourages and inspires you?  List some ways that you can intentionally inspire others in these same ways.  Would you be willing to share them with us?  Go ahead and send a comment.  We’d love to hear your stories.

“The doors of wisdom are never shut.” Benjamin Franklin



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  1. Claudia, I think I guessed them all except #1 – description fit many I know! Love you much – thanks for sharing. It’s a good thing to sit down and think about those wise people we’ve know in our lives. You are on my list! Love you much.

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