Day 42: Why We Need to Take a Closer Look at Our Passion for Our Career


Sometimes we understand things better if we take a closer look!

Deciding on an occupation depends on our motivation.  Most of us choose a career for the right reasons, but when we get into them, we forget our original intention.  Maybe we get tired, depressed, or just lose our drive, but for whatever reason, it’s often best to step back and take a closer look at what’s happening daily.

It happened a few days ago that I found a darling student I used to teach weeping.  It is one of those students who spends hours doing homework, works with a tutor, and does all she can to improve her language skills.  Her homework is turned in on time and every effort is made to make it correct. She was crushed.  It seems that she could not find her paper she was to complete.  She went back to the teacher for help, but the teacher, wanting to “teach a lesson to the student” would not help her.  For this, she will receive an F on the paper. I knew the teacher, so my hands were tied.  What could I say to this dear student who knew they were wrong, but felt like a complete failure.

A few things went through my mind like “this teacher has no clue about the heart of a child” and “I suppose he never lost a paper in his life,” etc.  Actually, it did shine a light and a reminder into my own profession.

The bottom line is that we all fail in our professions perhaps thinking that we are doing “the best thing.”  We don’t often know how our little “lessons to others” really impact the individuals and colleagues we communicate with daily.  It’s time we all step back and take a closer look at our professions.  I suggest three strategies for today’s creative activity:

1. Go back and try to remember why you went into your career. List your reasons and your motivations.  Are these still the reasons you are in your career?  Where are you failing?  How can you improve?

2. Write down a time in your career when others told you that you were successful. What made other people pleased with your efforts?  Are you still doing those things today?  When do you fall away from those things and how can you retrieve them?

3.  Take a closer look at what you are doing daily. Are you still living out your passion on a day to day basis?  Are you bringing others down in order to bring yourself up?

To the student, I could offer several stories in my own life and these few words of advice.  ”You will receive a bad grade tomorrow, but you will grow up and be a very influential person.  When you do, please come back and remember that there were people here who really believed in you!”

“You can never really live anyone else’s life, not even your child’s. The influence you exert is through your own life, and what you’ve become yourself.”  Eleanor Roosevelt



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  1. Remarkable! Your post truly brought tears to my eyes. I had a few teachers in my life who were like this and they were my fuel to my fire that motivated me to get out of the small town death grip I was raised in. I am now 24 years old, successful with a career in my desired passion 600 miles away from home, on my own!

    Love this!

    • Thanks, Sara. Your smitches blog is interesting. Looks like you’re a real writer! Isn’t it funny how teachers can impact students for good or bad and their words stick with them? Have a great day, Sara.

      • Wow…thank you for the compliment! I wish I could take this and go back to my old high school and show my favorite teacher what you said! She was an english teacher (go figure) and I was never really into the whole structured english class! Now that I have grown up and began to do it as a hobby, it’s absolutely wonderful and therapeutic.

        The nickname smitches even came from high school. My maiden name was Mitchell and one of my log in for computer class was smitch and my friend who sat behind me would always call me it. Then it developed into smitches!

        Sorry for jumping all over the place but I have to tell you, I have this printed out and hanging up on my desk bulletin board in my office! I will soon return back to my home town to visit those teachers and you will be in the back of my mind!

      • Hey Smithches! You go girl! I hope you have fun seeing your old teachers! Those who believed in you will be proud!!!! Those who didn’t, well, leave them be. They are usually negative because they aren’t so happy with their own lives. That’s how it seems on this side of things!!! Have an awesome day!

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