Day 43: Why Alabama Ladies Offer You Coffee or Sweet Tea


Please come in and stay awhile!

Unfortunately, the Beach Boys wrote about California Girls instead of Alabama girls.  We Alabama ladies know that we get a bum rap from people in other sections of the United States.  Not to help things, we have added Forrest Gump and Sweet Home Alabama to the Hollywood hits, and these movies match the Alabama stereotype.  Yet there is a charm in true Southern women that you will notice if you spend time with us.  You may find that we are smarter than you think we are, and if you don’t, it will be your loss.

Alabama ladies are hospitable. You will be offered something to drink when you enter the home of an Alabama lady.  We have been taught manners, and we know that guests must be treated with respect.  When we invite you into our home, we expect you to take some time to sit and talk.  Service is our job as long as you are a visitor in our house.  Please relax and enjoy your stay.  When we visit your house, we will bring a gift to you, and we will arrive in your driveway exactly five minutes before the time you stated.

Alabama ladies will be your loyal friend if you pass the test. Initially, we will take time to get to know you.  We will see whether or not you have come to look down your nose at us.  If you are snobby, we will not likely welcome you into our homes.  Southern ladies will be kind to you because of our upbringing, but we will not be your loyal friend.  We enjoy spending time with true friends, and we will share on a deeper level than most people.  We are never too busy for our real friends.

Alabama ladies will help you in a time of need. We do not have to know you in order to help when you have a need.  Our Southern hospitality extends to everyone in need, friend or foe.  When in Alabama, you will be showered by generosity.  Giving is our heart language.

Alabama ladies accept people as they are. Being a group of farmers in the past, we know that there are all kinds of people in this world.  We are keenly aware of people with psychological problems, family issues, and quirkiness in different forms.  Perhaps we have more than our share of these types, but we are from the Bible Belt.  By Jesus’ example, we accept and even welcome people with all of their strange attributes.  There seems to be an understanding among us when we see strange people, and we don’t have a need to discuss the problems regularly. “It is what it is.”  We just do what we can to act normal when these types are around.

Alabama ladies work hard. If you give us a paying job, we will give you a full working day.  Alabama ladies know how to work hard.  We will lift our own suitcases, fix the pump if it breaks, and have a meal on the table for any amount of people at any time of the day or night. If you give us a job, we will do it well, but don’t tell us how to do it.  That is our challenge.

Today’s creative activity requires a bit of thinking.  Explain characteristics of your peer group.  What are they like?  How does that impact those around you?  Go ahead and send a comment.  We’d love to hear from you.

“College isn’t the place to go for ideas.”  Helen Keller (a Tuscumbia, Alabama, lady)


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