Day 46: Three Ways to Keep Things Moving After Valentine’s Weekend


Valentine’s Day is over; it’s time to keep things moving!

Today is the official end of the holiday season.  We finished a marathon of events starting with Thanksgiving and Christmas, then New Year’s, and finally Valentine’s Day. Often, people get depressed and wish they had done something differently for the ones they love, but the best remedy is to keep things moving.   Here are three simple steps I like to take to stay enthused throughout the year.

1. First, make a daily list of what you need to and want to get done! Make sure your list includes a creative activity somewhere near the middle.  Creating motivates, and creating for another person is especially rewarding.  This keeps Valentine’s Day alive throughout the year, and we’ll have no reason to feel discouraged the day after Valentine’s Day next year.

2. Wake up 30 minutes early and do the thing you want to do (vs. the thing you have to do) first. We can move to the essential task after our 30 minutes are up.  This works beautifully for me.  I know that I am going to get my lesson plans done before Monday morning.  It’s a requirement, and I always meet this deadline.  If I do it first, I might not start the thing I really want to do.

3. Get into a morning routine, and let your afternoons be more relaxed. I can be most productive in the mornings, so I have certain routines I set every morning.  The reason is that my mind can work on automatic during this time of day, and I can quickly tick most things right off my list.  Routines get me into the working mindset, and I find that I waste less time as a result.

If you are not like me, you might be able to get rid of some unnecessary activity you are doing on a regular basis.  Best of luck on that one as it is not really my gift to say “no,” but I’m learning.  If it keeps you from moving forward, I say let it go.

So, cheer up, try something new, and keep things moving!  The year has just begun!

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”  Walt Disney



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