Day 49: Why Little Things Make Life Enjoyable


Little things, like the details on ostrich feathers, make me happy!

It’s usually the little things that add up to a pleasurable experience.  For example, today, we have a school holiday.  I like to teach, but this little, non-expected holiday is much needed since I’m a little under the weather.

I love finding four-leaf clovers. It’s a little thing that means a lot to me.  At the oddest times, it seems that I just look down and see one of these little clovers.  Last summer, I visited my son who was doing an internship in New York.  My jet-lag was taking over so we went to Central Park and I took a quick nap.  When I woke up, we realized that we were sitting in a patch with an unusual amount of four-leaf clovers. It was a little thing, but we considered it a blessing.

Doing little things with all of my children today made it very enjoyable. I used Skype to talk to my son.  It was a little thing that meant a lot.

My daughter and I decided to go to China Town.  At the top of the street, there was a bus ready to take us at only 27 cents per person.  It was a little thing, but it worked for us.

The bus stopped in front of the 7-11 where we bought the water we needed.  While buying the material, a lady gave us a sweet little recyclable bag.  It was a little gesture but was really nice.

The rice man did not take a holiday, so we ordered our favorite dishes for 35 Baht a plate (just over a dollar).  Now, I have time to do something fun with my other daughter.  These little things made today awesome.

I really love little  Jing Joks (Thai geckos)! I know they may seem hard to get used to, but they are just little adorable creatures that live in our houses and eat mosquitoes.  One night, I watched one of these little creatures attack a mosquito in the kindest of ways.  First, it let out a little warning sound as a signal, “I’m about to eat you if you don’t move.”  Then, it grabbed its victim.  Lovely!  Who really needs mosquitoes?

All in all, it’s these little things I love about life.

For today’s creative activity, take a minute and write about one little thing that made your life easy or enjoyable today.  Is there anyone you can thank for a little effort that improved your life?  After all, it’s these little things that make life enjoyable.

“Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.” Senace


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  1. Today, I had an appointment with my tax man, and when I left, he blessed me with a free cheesecake. I thought it was a nice gesture and one I will certainly enjoy.

  2. I saw an armadillo in the woods, which made me really happy. Then I had a grape Nehi soda made with real sugar…it was so good!

    And I would always try to catch Jing Joks when I saw them in Thailand, but I never got one, lol.

  3. I really enjoyed this post, as you can see from the title of my blog! 🙂 Being aware of little everyday blessings is definitely a good thing.

    Your comment about Jing Joks is very interesting!! We have lizards and little geckos in our area of the southern U.S. — but I must admit I don’t feel comfortable when one is ‘on the loose’ inside our home! I’d rather admire them outdoors. I can’t imagine having them living inside with us, but I guess if they eat mosquitoes, they are earning their keep(!)

    The lady who cuts my hair is from Thailand. I will have to ask her about the Jing Joks. 😉

    • Thank you! I just visted your post as well and I love the pictures. I’m not a photographer but like to use my own pictures anyway. How about you? Do you use your own photos? I’m enjoying this postaday as it helps us meet so many people. Say hi to your hair dresser. We really love it here in Bangkok and have been here more than 20 years! Thanks for stopping in. I’ll being dropping in on yours too!

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