Day 54: Even I Can Grow Hydroponics or How to Grow Like a Hydroponic Plant


Even I can grow this hydroponic lettuce. The root length on these plants are amazing.

If you ever visit Living With the Land ride at Epcot Center, you may become as turned on as I am about hydroponics.  I spent several months reading about how to make a hydroponics system. Eventually, my husband took me to a hydroponics plant, and we now have one at our school.

The system runs on a simple pump that rotates water and essential nutrients through a covered water bed underneath four Styrofoam plant holders.  The main job I have is to get new lettuce sprouted every thirty days in time to harvest the mature lettuce.  Once a root exists, we pop in the plants and leave it to grow, lowering the water level after 15 days.  Voila! We have lettuce.

So what can hydroponics teach us about our own growth? First, we need to move out of our stereotypical thinking.  Growth can happen in more ways than we expect.  As in plants, we typically think that dirt is essential for growth when actually it’s not.  Our own growth might happen in odd ways as well.

1. Growth comes in an unusual setting. For me, I find the most growth when hardships come along.  Logically speaking, most of us don’t want to go that route, so we might consider other options.

2. Growth comes with nutrients. If we want to grow, we need to find the right nutrients.  It might be a new challenge which gives you the nutrients you need to grow. So feeding the brain with what it needs to grow is important.  Maybe you get nourished through Bible study, reading a newspaper, the latest research, or taking a course.

3. Growth comes when new seeds are sprouted. As in hydroponics, growth seems to happen automatically if we get the seeds started in time to let the system do its work.  What kinds of seeds do you have sprouting?  New experiences are a great way to sprout seeds.  Some artistic goal might make that happen for you.

Next, I’d like to try these window farms.  These innovative concepts keep our brains turning over ideas about growing things in this new “green friendly” world in the making.  It looks simple enough for all of us to start— both the plant and the personal growth!  Let’s go for it!

“Those who labour in the earth are the chosen people of God.” Thomas Jefferson


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  1. Cool how you linked hydroponics with personal growth. Also cool to have fresh lettuce so often!

    Unfortunately my growth does seem to come best through adversity. But I am seeing that if I take the time to reflect (more often) on my daily experiences, then I can learn from them even though they can’t be classified as a hardship.

    • Susan, that is tough. I really don’t like difficult times, and it is just true that it causes growth. I thank you for your encouraging words and I do love to read your reflections! Happy Thursday!

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