Day 55: Things Aren’t Always What They Seem


Yes, the pretty swan paddle boat looks relaxing and enticing, but don’t let it lure you in!

Things aren’t always as they seem, but if you learn from experience, you’ll be better for it!  When we passed these lovely paddle boats many years ago, we were drawn in.

How leisure activities draw us in. We all love to find new ways to spend time with one another, so leisure activities draw us.  Paddle boats looked fun when we  started paddling with our little son.  The fun lasted for about ten minutes, and then we were in the middle of the water banging our knees and trying to figure out how to get ourselves back.  Knowing that we’d need to give more money for this unhappy experience if we didn’t get back within the time limit is the main reason we got back to the rental return.  So be warned, things are not always as they seem.

Beauty and weight loss products can draw us in. We all want to look better, so these products have a natural draw.  While in Australia, my husband and daughter came home with an expensive set of hair growth treatments.  My husband still looks as handsome as he did then, so they must have worked.  Unfortunately, many of these products are not as they seem.

Prizes and freebies often draw us in. When we think we can get something for nothing (or for just a bit) we are drawn. A very reputable hotel in our city invited guests to purchase tickets for a gala event, and prizes would be awarded at the end of the celebration.  The top prize was a plane trip.  Our good friend was the MC of the event and reported that the winning prize was “fixed.”  He was to call out a certain name regardless of which name was drawn.  There was no prize of that value at all.  We were all perplexed at why this hotel felt the need to participate in such a scam.  Things aren’t always as they seem.

So, as you observe this world, do have fun and make the best of your experiences, but don’t be surprised when the seemingly best things turn out to be something unexpected.  For today’s creative activity, describe the last time you were drawn in to something that wasn’t what it seemed.  What did you learn from the experience?

“Things are not always as they seem; the first appearance deceives many.” Phaedrus


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  1. The swan boat is a GREAT example- except the fun wears off after 2 minutes.

    I think the thing that wasn’t what it seemed is when I met my wife. Thought she would be great…but she turned out to be much better than what I imagined.

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