Day 57: Why We Love Table Talk with Family and Friends


The kind of table or dinner has little to do with the talk that binds us together!


“That is the happiest conversation where there is no competition, no vanity, but a calm quiet interchange of sentiments.”  Samuel Johnson

More than twenty years ago, we shopped for our first permanent table.  I had my eye on a beautiful rosewood table.  As we looked at prices and thought about the age of our child, we decided on a simple wooden table with eight chairs-not rosewood.  We were looking for a table that would allow us to be hospitable.

We ordered a piece of cut glass to top the table so that we could dress it up nicely on special occasions.  Our table still looks much the same as it did twenty years ago, with the exception of recovering and bracing the chairs as well as buying a new piece of glass because I dropped a heavy lock on the table top.

Here are a few things I’ve learned about tables:

Friends and family make the table. It’s perpetually hot in our country, so we’ve moved our eating area away from the table to a comfortable seating area under the fan.  Basically, the table or the place doesn’t matter, as long as we get to converse with our friends and family.  Here we discuss dreams, hopes, and ideas.  At our table, we hope to love and encourage each other.  We hope there is no reason to compete- but every reason to share.

Tables let us spend valuable time with our family and friends. We missed the birthday of our dear friend on Monday.  In the past fifteen years, this family and our family have shared more than hundreds of conversation tables. We know each other well, and we can bat around our fears and dreams.  We celebrate our children’s successes and we cry and share our pain.

It’s easier to meet people around a table. We are not the Florida family that fed 45 people on Thanksgiving, but we love to entertain guests.  Getting to know people is natural when people are eating together.  There’s always something to talk about.

Don’t wait until you have a perfect table, a beautiful house, or the dream furniture you want.  Life passes quickly, and you’ll be enriched if you share your table with others.

For today’s creative activity, don’t just dream about a perfect guest with whom you’d like to spend time.  Instead, invite over a guest you want to know better and start your own table talk.  You’ll find yourself richer in the long run by spending time right now.


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