Day 60: Three Reasons Why Getting My Hair Fixed Makes Me Feel Better


A good haircut improves my mood!

“If truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in the library?”  Lily Tomlin

I’ve never enjoyed going to the beauty shop like most ladies do.  I don’t like having my hair washed or messed with by someone else.  So why do I feel so much better after having my hair fixed?

My natural hair color seems to be quickly disappearing. One of the students said, “Mrs. Claudia, your hair is a little bit gray.”  I smiled.  She had spoken kindly. “That’s because I’m old, sweetheart!”  I knew it was time.  Within a couple of days I was in my daughter’s shop taking care of the problem.

My hair is very thick. If I don’t have my hair cut often, my hair doubles its size and takes over my body.  My daughter got her cosmetology license using the Thai language.  I am so proud of her hard work.  Another benefit is that she takes a good look at me from time to time and says, “Mom.  We’ve got to do your hair.”  Since I hate beauty shops, I really appreciate that she takes good care of me.

My hair has a life of its own. You can compare my hair to an untamed lion.  Without a regular haircut, my hair takes on its own style.  Believe me, it’s not a good one! Studies show that bad hair can ruin our day and put us in a bad mood. So for me, the quicker I get a hair cut and style, the better I feel.

For today’s creative activity, write about a time when you felt confident.  What physical and emotional things added to your feelings of confidence?  Write a comment and share your reflections.  We’d love to hear from you!


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