Day 61: When To Speak and When Not To Speak- My Constant Dilemma


This silent face in the park made me smile too!


“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” Aldous Huxley

When I was younger, I really wanted to solve all of the injustices I saw.  When I saw something wrong, I spoke up.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that I need to choose people more carefully when I state the obvious or choose not to speak at all.

Understanding how difficult it is to get things right helps a lot. When in positions of authority, it’s difficult to see our own mistakes, and it’s harder still to please everyone.  As onlookers, we all see what should be obvious, but alas, we are not the one in charge.  If we were, I daresay, we would likely make a number of mistakes ourselves.  Our saying something is often not needed or appreciated.

Experience teaches us not to fight every battle. In time, the truth will come out on its own.  As I’ve studied people in this almost half-century of my life, I’ve seen how my saying something did very little good.  If I had left the problem alone, it would have taken care of itself.  At those times, we should choose not to speak.

Speaking only a few times and with wisdom takes finesse. There are times when we are compelled to speak.  Carefully crafted words, lots of prayer, and confident speaking can make a real difference in these cases.  When we are not known as a complainer, our words are more powerful.

I’m still working on this.  Just this week, I came across another issue.  Should I speak or just stay quiet?  I’ve decided not to speak this time.  I hope this choice will make me more wise in order to speak when the time is right.

“I don’t like these cold, precise, perfect people, who, in order not to speak wrong, never speak at all, and in order not to do wrong, never do anything.” Henry Ward Beecher

At the same time, Mr. Henry Beecher, we sometimes need to abandon speaking and paint a beautiful piece of art or play some music instead.


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