Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance


“Great abundance of riches cannot be gathered and kept by any man without sin.”  Desiderius Erasmus

There's a time to clean up and go back to a simpler system!

This week’s photo challenge is abundance.  I’m obviously not a photographer, but please enjoy my collection about abundance.

It’s best to realize when we’ve gone overboard. Growing up in a family where Mom and Dad always provided an abundance of food was incredible.  People dropped by our house regularly because they knew they were always welcome and there would always be an abundance.  In the picture though, we can see what happens when we go overboard.  As we may all find ourselves in the situation from time to time, we need to know when its time to de-clutter and live more simply.

My, what a big sand pile you have!


Learn to enjoy and celebrate when there is an abundance! You would have thought this dog had arrived in dog heaven.  He dug in this dirt with a delightful determination.  The dog knew that these kinds of things don’t come around every day, and it’s best to make the most of it.  When your abundance arrives, enjoy it, share it, and be grateful.

“Life lasts but a few scratches of the claw in the sand.” Wislawa Szymborska

This season brought an abundance of flowers!


Each season of life brings an abundance of something. Let’s enjoy the seasons and recognize that they are passing fast.  Everyone told as that children grow fast, and we believed them.  It has been a joy playing with them, laughing with them, holding them close, and loving them.  We are so abundantly blessed.  In each season, we hope to rejoice in what God has provided.


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