Day 63: 5 Reasons Why We Swing


This old swing made me think of my childhood!

I know I’m dating myself, but there were no such things as jungle gyms when I grew up.  There were no foam chips to cushion our fall.  I remember jumping from a large rock to swing on a monkey bar, missing and falling flat of my back with the breath knocked out of me.  Those were the simple days when we loaded up a family of seven in a Volkswagen and travelled miles. We loved to sit in the “WAAAAY BACK” eating candy bars and singing half the trip.  That is a different story.

The next time you see a swing, don’t pass it by.  Stop and give it a ride.  Here are five reasons why:

1. We get a feeling of accomplishment. Even though we’re just moving back and forth, we feel like we’re getting somewhere in a swing.  It’s hard to swing without thinking of traveling somewhere, and even a vicarious trip can be fun!

2. We get to use a skill we have acquired. At first, we are dependant on someone who is willing to push us, but eventually, we learn to swing and to dismount on our own.  After all of the work we put in, we may as well use our skill.

3. We can swing with a friend or alone. As a child, it is easy to ask someone to swing, but we can also swing alone and enjoy solitude.  On a playground, swings allow for both options.

4. We feel playful when we swing. When we play, our creative juices flow.  We relax; we see things differently.  We enjoy life as it is meant to be enjoyed.

5. We can network on a swing. The porch swing, a totally different kind of swing, is really meant to be shared with a friend.  Here we can discuss our passions, our worries, be romantic, and sip tea slowly.

So, work at finding a way to “happen by” a swing.  It will bring back lots of memories, and don’t forget an important historical song-Swingin’ by John Anderson.


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