Day 64: Why Picnics are Never as Good as We Imagine


Picnics seem like a good idea in the planning stage.

“Never eat more than you can lift.” Miss Piggy

“Hey, let’s have a picnic!”  It sounds awesome while we make our plans.  For me though, there are a few reasons why the reality never seems to match the ideal.  (My apologies in advance that this post makes me seem pessimistic.)

1. First we need to haul all of the inside things outside. In addition to the food, we need a blanket, a basket (perhaps), dishes or throw away stuff, charcoal, grilling utensils, matches, ice, ice chest, and don’t forget all of the condiments.

2. Ants, gnats, or yellow jackets have been a pest at every picnic I’ve attended. I remember being in college.  We bought picnic stuff and headed off to a beautiful garden.  Even today, I don’t remember the conversation at all.  I just remember that I could not eat my sandwich comfortably because of the yellow jackets.

3. About half the people can’t find a comfortable place to eat. Finding a place to sit can be a real issue. Those who do find a spot with plenty of seats may find that it’s not really relaxing.  I find myself walking around the table to get the mustard or the sour kraut because it’s difficult to get something passed down.

4. Finally, we need to clean up. Probably the easiest part of the picnic is cleaning up at the park.  Everyone loves to help, and many hands make light work. The real work is getting everything that belongs in the house back as it should be.  The condiments are usually spilled or not returnable after having been out all day.  The blanket needs washed and the ice chest cleaned out.  The grilling supplies need to go back where they belong.

Today, we’re having a picnic.  I’m sure it’s going to be a blast.  We’ll start grilling about noon.  Y’all come!


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  1. Claudia, hope your picnic is great – I know it will be because it’s at the Johnsons. What fun!! Wish we could be there too!!

  2. They call me a party pooper because I’m not an outside eater, and you’ve addressed almost all the issues I have with the practice. One that you missed, though, was wind. Blows your napkins away, blows your cup over… Ugh.

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