Day 65: Three Ways I Give My Life Some Direction


If you know where you want to go, a sign can help.

I get lost very easily, so I find it important to set goals.  Even though not all of my plans work the way I want them to, I find that making goals helps me know where I’m going.

Categorizing goals helps me to set goals easier.  Here are three ways I give myself some direction.

1. I make one goal to learn something new. Maybe I’ve always wanted to bake bread or stencil a pattern.  Maybe I want to study a subject like “how the brain learns.”  Whatever the goal, I write it down and give myself a time allotment for the goal.  For example, I will spend twenty minutes every day this month reading about how the brain learns.

2. I make one goal to make life more fun. Being extreme is my best solution here.  Goals are more fun to accomplish when they are unusual or even outrageous.  No one has to know about this goal.  I may want to bungee jump, learn to paint, or take a ballet class.  Whatever the goal, I make sure that this one is fun for me!

3. I make one goal to improve my present situation. Professional development is important for all of us.  If I’ve been in a career without developing myself, I become stagnant.  I believe that learning and growing should be a part of all professions.

My dear friend suggests: make one simple goal per month.  Make it something you know you can do.

Finally, celebrate your successes with a friend.  It encourages you and challenges them.

“If you want to reach a goal, you must ‘see the reaching’ in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal.” Zig Ziglar


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