Day 67: Why Good Leaders Are Hard to Find


What kind of leader do you want?

“Strong people don’t need strong leaders.” Ella Baker

Ella might be right, but wouldn’t it be nice to come across a great leader?

Good leaders surround themselves with the right people. I watched several tributes to Jim Henson.  The main thing I noticed was that this strong leader surrounded himself with the right people who enjoyed working together.  Even today, the applications to work at Jim Henson’s Company say that they are looking for people who are “fun loving.”  They make it clear that they want a “relaxed environment,” which is where creative people thrive.

Good leaders surround themselves with other great leaders. So many leaders are confused.  They think that they will lose their jobs if a better leader comes along.  As a result, they hire people who are good followers or who will follow them easily.

Good leaders choose to work with a team of excellent workers. I love being with creative teams; we get energy from one another. Why?  We can’t wait to hear and to try each other’s ideas.  We get motivated and inspired. We accept our oddities as gifts.

Some leaders don’t understand how to listen to creative ideas. They dampen the atmosphere instead of energizing it.  Good leaders know when they hear a good idea, and they don’t try to make it their own.  Instead, they showcase the other person as being a genius on their team.  This causes the employee to feel valued and will then be a more loyal supporter for the team.

Good leaders know how to empower employees. It’s fun to listen to people share personally about themselves. When people start talking about their passions, I get excited.

Just the other day, one of my friends was talking about her love for swimming.  Right away  we were wondering, “How can we get this girl using her passion right now?”  I think one problem with leaders is that they are removed from some of these kinds of conversations, so they don’t always know how to empower their employees.

With all of these stipulations, who could aspire to being someone I would call a good leader?  I guess I’m too picky, and maybe Ella Baker was right all along.

“Strong people don’t need strong leaders.” Ella Baker


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  1. Wonderful! I have the perfect example of a great leader and I had the honor and privilege working with her! She inspired me, pushed me, and made me a better professional over all! I wanted to move mountains for her and I did! As a graphic design, she knew how to feed my creativity and give me enough of the reigns to design amazing work! We were such an immaculate team! She knew that I was an extrovert and that I was a words of affirmation individual so she knew how to keep my fire burning inside!

    • Hey! How is it going my dear? I love your comments. Always so positive and focused on someone who has spurred you on! You go girl! Keep up that writing and enjoy your design. Wish we could find a great boss like that for our graphic design son! Have a restful night!!! It’s been great fun getting to know you on these posts!

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