Day 72: Would You Like to Meet for Coffee on PJ Street?


You have to love this sign near our street!

It’s fun to enjoy the creative works of other people.  Several clever ads and names put a smile on my face.  I love to imagine who thought up the ideas. Here are a few I’ve pondered.

PJ Street-fashion & food: I seriously see people wearing their pajamas at night near this place, and I just have to wonder what they were thinking when they came up with the name.  Do they plan for us to wear our fashion PJ’s and eat food here?

Sit and Smile Toilet Paper: Traditionally, my husband and I buy the cheapest toilet paper available, but when we saw Sit and Smile, we had to show our support.  One can only imagine how they came up with the name.  I just think about the board room with someone proposing Sit and Smile.

Pocky Sticks: Glico puts out some strange kinds of snacks including Pocky Sticks and Collon fun biscuits.  There is even a Pocky Day in Japan every year on November 11, believe it or not.  That’s because 11-11 has a bunch of 1’s which look like Pocky Sticks!  Yes, strange, but how many advertisers are able to include a day named after the product?

Golden Palace Hotel: I smile every time I walk past this hotel because it is not at all golden, but mint green.  There must be a story behind it.  Maybe, green paint was on sale and someone forgot that “golden,” being part of the hotel name, should have remained.  Anyway, it looks quite comfortable and has a decent review in the Lonely Planet.

What are some of the funny names you’ve seen?  Go ahead and share a few with us!  Today, we all need a good laugh after the sad events happening around our world.  Please add a comment below and keep it light and clean!

“All British people have plain names, and that works pretty well over there.”  Paris Hilton



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