Day 73: 7 Reasons Why We All Need Some Bamboo in Our Lives


Removing the leaves from the stem makes this plant a natural beauty.

“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” Bruce Lee

Bamboo is a mighty versatile product.  I never knew much about bamboo until I moved to Asia.  Given the many uses for bamboo, we can all use a stalk or two.  Here are seven ideas and websites to get us started.

1. Bamboo can make your house pretty. Decorate with it.  If you are like me, you need a decoration that is easy to upkeep.  Bamboo is one of those kinds of decoration.  It grows with little human input.  Just set it in a container of water and leave it for months if you like.

2. Bamboo can steam your food.  If you want to enjoy some healthy steamed food, read this article and enjoy a healthy meal.

3. Bamboo can help you scratch your back. Here are a few of the backscratcher styles. Suppose you live alone or your spouse goes on a trip.  What will you do without one of these backscratchers?

4. Bamboo can be eaten, and we can eat with it. Bamboo shoots can be used in stir fried dishes, soups, and curries.  Asians are masters at making delicious dishes with bamboo, but don’t forget about chopsticks.  We can even eat bamboo with bamboo chopsticks. Order yours today.

5. Bamboo can be bought in the form of furniture. Some of the most beautiful furniture is made with bamboo.  You probably have some on a porch or in a reading corner.  Check out some online options if you need to spice up your sitting room.

6. Bamboo can be used for entertainment. Everyone loves trying to walk on stilts.  This video shows us how bamboo stilts are made in Japan.  Have fun watching.

7. Bamboo grows easily in your garden. Be forewarned that once you begin using bamboo in your garden, you are committed to it.  I read a funny article about a man whose father started bamboo and no amount of poisoning could rid them of it.  Still he speaks of his fondness for bamboo.

So, if you want to spice up your life in an unusual way, try some bamboo.  How do you use bamboo? Send a comment, we’d love to hear from you.



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  1. I saw bamboo growing in New Zealand this past week. So cool. If ever I have a garden I am going to grow some. When I was younger my mom taught us a game involving bamboo sticks.

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