Day 74: Why Teachers Invest in People


Grand buildings can be destroyed, so I invest in building up students.


“It is better to give than to lend, and it costs about the same.” Philip Gibbs

As teachers, we invest in students.  We are preparing these children to take care of us during our retirement years.  We talk about how they will lead our world’s countries with integrity and honesty, which is a difficult thing to do.  That’s why they must start preparing now.  I have great confidence in our young leaders.

Our students must learn to speak. Speaking with confidence allows them to lead others.  One little guy knows it is his weakness.  So we talk about why he needs to use these opportunities to practice.  Children are not stupid.  When we explain to them their need for something, they get it!  All of a sudden, they see us as a coach rather who wants them to succeed.

Our students must grow in integrity. To look at the world around us, we may feel there’s no hope.  When I grew up, there was not much need to lock the doors, but now, it is sometimes frightening even to walk down some streets.  Without preparing our young students, we can expect this trend to continue.  Educators have unique opportunities daily.  We help students learn to love and care for each other.  They must stand for what is right.  We prepare them to have integrity, to do what is right when no one is looking.  Our future depends on it!

Our students must know that we believe in them. I cannot forget those who invested in me.  My parents and grandparents were early investors in me.  Some children come from families where support is lacking.  Teachers can help fill the gap for those students.

Whatever your occupation, I hope you find it profitable to invest in others.  Reaching out gives us hope as we see others grow.


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