Day 75: Why I Needed the “Painting Plates for Dummies Guide” or Exploring a Passion


I finally finished my plate and hope that the orphans will have enough money to buy a chick from the proceeds!

Being passionate does not mean you’re good; however, it usually means you’re willing to try most anything!

Painting for charity drew me in: Our one hour plate decorating was to last from 3-4 after school.  Whatever bids the teachers get on these plates will go to help buy chicks for orphans in Africa.  I was so excited that I arrived at 2:45 to get started.  By four, I was no longer wearing a smile.

As I’ve mentioned before, passion does not equal talent: Paint a plate?  How hard could it be, right?  After all, I’d drawn the same daisy on a piece of paper and (with some help) was able to print a card using Photoshop.  Surely using acrylics would be much easier.  I painted with passion for more than an hour but then decided that I would take my plate and go home.  My painting didn’t even resemble a daisy but looked somewhat like a canary had splatted into a plate of hot pink lipstick. It was a complete disaster.

When it’s real bad, you need a “guide for dummies:” I first told my daughter that I needed some major advice.  She can paint most anything.  She just said, “Oh, it’ll be OK.”  Right!  I woke up and started my search “painting daisies for dummies” and got nothing.  Next, I tried “painting daisies+dummies” and voila!  I found a nice website with simple instructions. Unfortunately, I had already messed up the plate with the pink background and had to settle for “daisies+images.”  Then I basically started over.

Classical music and a cup of coffee can improve anything: So, believe it or not, I listened to classical music, drank coffee, and painted this plate (just like an old lady) from 6:30 a.m. to 9:50 a.m.  That’s a bit over 3 hours.  Then I worked on my list of things I really needed to get done with a smile on my face.

What I learned: Music and coffee cover a multitude of sins.  Exploring passions takes some time.  Don’t be a dummy like me and think that you will do it beautifully the first time.  Even after many tries, it still may not be so beautiful, but it can be fun!

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”  Nelson Mandela


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  1. I have missed reading your posts. You write on such a wide array of topics. Where do you get your ideas?
    This post made me smile. I can sooooo relate to not doing new things well the first time. Coffee or tea and quiet help get my creative juices flowing.

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