Day 77: When Things Are Overflowing


Why was this fire hydrant overflowing?

“You have to fill your cup. You then give away the overflowing, but you keep a cupful for yourself.”  Wynonna Judd

A note for those who follow this blog post (both of you), please know that I am in a conference with a limited internet connection.  My posts these past and next few days will certainly reflect that; so please bear with me and thanks so much for faithfully reading!

It’s been raining unseasonably early this year, but who’s complaining.  It has brought us lovely cool weather when it should be stinking hot.  Today, I find myself showered with blessings.  How about you?  Here are a few blessings I’ve been noticing.

Mature colleagues have changed my life. Yesterday, I had a unique opportunity to converse with three colleagues I highly respect.  Together, the four of us have lived overseas for about 80 years.  We could relate in ways that others could not.   It was a unique time of sharing and praying for which I felt abundantly blessed.

My husband blesses me every day. Having a husband who understands me when I need coffee, when I need space, and when I need some quiet time to reflect is an abundant blessing.

My children bless me in so many ways. Having happy and healthy children who adjust well in different settings is such an abundant blessing.  I daily thank God for them and how the many opportunities they have been given.  This is truly an overwhelming gift from God.

At times, we are blessed by peaceful situations. In light of what we’ve seen on the news the past week, I do not want to take for granted the times of peace we experience in our lives.  The last few months, I have been living in a place of peace for which I’m grateful to God.  Tomorrow may make a turn for the worse, so I want to be grateful for today.

What about you?  How do you feel abundantly blessed?  Please share with us!


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