Day 78: How Do You Know If You’re A Creature of Habit?


A habit may be fine, but don't get stuck in a rut!


“Acquire the habit of speaking to God as if you were alone with Him, familiarly and with confidence and love, as to the dearest and most loving of friends.”  Alphonsus Liguori

I love change and trying new things, yet I am a creature of habit.  My habits help me get going and get things done.  After that, I feel a freedom to create.  How can you tell if you’re a creature of habit?

Change your habitat and see what happens. Habit and habitat are so similar.  Coming to the meeting this week has caused me to temporarily move habitats and has kept me from doing my usual morning routine.  I love being spontaneous and creative, but I find that I’m better able to do so when certain of my habits remain in place.  Usually, I get up, make my coffee, read my Bible, and compose my post for the day.  This week’s been totally off track.  I’m having fun, but looking forward to getting things back to normal.  How about you?  What will happen if you temporarily change your habitat?

Change your daily routine. Each morning when leaving the house, I take a similar route to school.  On the way, I generally pass the garbage man and do a car dance with his truck.  Then, I say hello to my toll way man.  Last week, the toll way both I enter every day had closed and I almost wrecked trying to re-route myself to the new one.  I decided that I had gotten into too much of a rut.  What will happen if your daily routine gets changed?  Are you a creature of habit?

Change your workspace. Creative people are generally a little messy.  (I said “a little” to make myself feel better.)  However, let someone mess up your workspace and you’ll see if you are a creature of habit or not.  When things get moved around, I go into a little rage until everything is found and back in the appropriate messy area.

If you find that you are a creature of habit, don’t be discouraged.  Many famous creatives have very specific schedules.  One example is the famous painter, Henri Matisse.  It is said, according to his biography, that Henri was quite a creature of habit.  He would start his day with a morning painting session, then a second after lunch.  He enjoyed practicing his violin afterwards, and he ate a simple supper which was quite predetermined (soup, boiled eggs, and wine) and went to bed early.

Like Matisse, maybe your habits will help you be more creative.  What habits do you participate in daily?  Please share a comment with us!


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