Day 80: Three Reasons Why We Still Need Conferences



We get to celebrate great accomplishments!

When I need to attend a conference, the best thing I can do is to go expecting to learn something.  There are some conferences that really excite me and others I dread attending. Overall, I still find conferences valuable.


1.  Attend a conference for networking and for fellowship. One of the most valuable aspects of conferences is spending time with a variety of people from the same organization or working industry.  If done frequently enough, this can be an excellent networking opportunity.  In our last conference, we were able to spend time with people we had not seen in years.  I was also fortunate enough to get to know some outstanding people I had never met before.

2. Attend a conference for renewal and to learn something new. The sharing of new ideas, working tools, and technologies help us in our work.  I attended a really fun workshop where we were able to actively participate and learn new skills. I left renewed and motivated to perform my job better.

3. Attend a conference for business. We gain an understanding of policies, and we refocus on our vision.  We discuss what’s working and what’s not.  We decide what to abandon and what to keep.

Yes, conferences are expensive but can be beneficial for the whole group.  What happens after the conference is most important.

“The reason I do workshops is so I can learn, and I am fortunate that I’ve probably gained more from the whole experience of teaching than any one participant has. It is all about asking.”  John Sexton


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