Day 82: Why Butter is Better After All


I would surely agree that butter is better!


“If you’re afraid of butter, use cream.” Julia Child

I always feel that if you’ve got butter, flour, salt, pepper, and cheese in the house, you’re in good shape.  I’m not sure I’d go to the extent of saying that butter is good for you, but Dr. William Campbell Douglass II does suggest several benefits of eating butter including helping the body metabolize fat.  Why should we choose butter?

Butter is tasty. Butter Through the Ages suggests that fats carry flavors.  Butter, being a fat, helps carry the flavor of spices we love.  According to Julia Child, butter is a necessity in cooking. Maybe we should all check out the Butter is Better Bakery & Restaurant the next time we visit North Thailand.

Butter can give health benefits. Believe it or not, vitamins found in butter really are better for us than we may think.  According to Dr. Weston Price and others, research shows that butter is better in many ways.  It can provide vitamin A which we need as well as anti-oxidants that protect us.  It can aid in preventing prostate cancer in men and help women absorb calcium which is needed to avoid osteoporosis.

Butter can be fun for designers. How about a cool way of packaging butter?  Check out Butter! Better! Butter Packaging Design by Yeongkeun Jeong at Yanko Design.

Maybe you’d consider “peanut” butter? If you’re still not convinced, I’m sure you’ll agree that this natural peanut butter is better.  Just looking at the horse and buggy gives us a feel for the natural at My Better Butter.

Now don’t say that I told you to go spooning down the butter.  If the opportunity presents itself, though, you can choose butter–guilt free, in moderation.  Butter is better.


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