Day 85: Three Ways to Step Back From a Problem or Getting a Bird’s Eye View


When in the midst of a problem, it’s sometimes best to step back and take a bird’s eye view.

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”  Mother Teresa

It’s easy to focus so much on problems that we lose perspective.  To spot others honing in is one thing, but it’s important to see our own need to step back as well.  Here are three ways that might help us step back.

Become like a bird and see the big picture. Birds are more fortunate than we in that they can easily keep a bird’s eye view.  Problems that seem unsolvable, might not even come up on the radar if we look at it from a distance.  In light of the present Japan situation, most problems fade from existence.  Keeping the big picture in mind while solving problems can keep us from making major blunders.

Become like a rabbit and value many friendships. Rabbits are cute little animals that bounce around from one place to another making friends wherever they go.  Aren’t we all highly influenced by our closest friends?  Having close friends can be a valuable resource for problem solving, but sometimes the opinions of our friends can give us an incorrect picture.  At times, we may need to separate ourselves from our normal base of friends in order to have a better perspective.

Become like a fox and stand up for the team. Foxes protect their dens at all cost.  They are said to be faithful to one mate and often lose their lives when trying to move the pack to a new location.  Unfortunately for us, many of our problems come from “within the den.”  Whenever we have a big problem, stepping back can move us in a better direction.  Bloomberg spoke to this in the article, Innovation Tip: Step Back to Step Forward. A step backwards might buy us the time to “protect our den” for the benefit of the whole.

The next time an unsurmountable problem comes along, see what can be learned from these wise animals.  Maybe a step backwards will give us what we need to get the problem solved.


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