Day 89: “Chicken or Beef?” and Other In-Flight Questions


Chicken, please!

The whole process of international flight meal service amuses me. It starts with a  question that sounds something like “Sha-shim-mee CHICKEN? oh mesoo BEEF?”  I just say, “Chicken, please!” and see what happens.

How do you entertain yourself on long flights? I get into the whole questioning process throughout the trip.  Here are a few common ones:

Newspaper? Reading while flying makes me sick, so I tend to watch people instead.  I once studied the ways people approach reading the newspaper. One Japanese man would turn back each page— fold it… fold it again, and then put on glasses to read the section he had folded so nicely.  It was a complicated process, and I decided that I will look more sophisticated if I try this method too.

Blanket? Pillow? Who wouldn’t want them?  I’ve tried propping the pillow under my neck, behind my back, on top of the pull-down tray.  Face it. Unless they let us lay down in the middle of the aisle, it’s not likely to help, but we’d still be crazy not to take it.

Headphones? Well yes.  I’ll catch all of the movies, even the crummy ones, since I don’t have to pay extra for that (yet).  In fact, catching up on all of the latest movies might be one of the smartest ways to use my time. I do keep in mind that after a few hours my brain’s not really processing well, and some of the stories start running into each other in my mind.  That’s especially true with all of my restarts to get the correct language.

Nooduns? This is a new one for me, but on recent flights, I’ve actually been given a cup of hot noodles when I answer yes to this question.  Well, who cares?  I eat them anyway, and I do it with a smile on my face.  After all, I’m an international frequent flyer; I’ll be open-minded.  Who needs honey roasted peanuts anyway?  Someone beside me might be allergic, and his head could swell up like a basketball.

If you’re like me and don’t drink, I’m not sure how to help you on an international flight.  There’s sleep, movies, and day dreaming (which only works until it’s too dark to see the puffy clouds). That’s about it for me…Immigration or transit?

“The fox that waits until the chicken falls from the perch dies from hunger.” Greek Proverb


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  1. Yes, yes…been there…done that- far too many times. And how about those flimsy plastic knives they give you for cutting the “meat”? This last trip I carried on my own neck pillow which did help somewhat.

    • Ever so often, I get one of those neck pillows in a free bag of something and think that I’ll carry it on the next long trip, but alas, it never seems to be in my bag when I get on the plane!

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