Day 90: Is Your Calendar Working for You?


It’s now March 31st, and this calendar still shows January!


“Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of.” Charles Richards

Just before the New Year, I start considering what kind of calendar I want.  These days we have the luxury of the online calendar, but I still like a calendar I can hold.  How’s yours working for you this year?  Here are several different ones with my rating on the helpfulness of each.

Complete Organizers: One year I had a complete organizer that I basically worked from throughout the year.  This was a dream year for organization, and I’ve never matched it since.  I hope I’ll be extravagant and both buy and use it next year.  I give these organizers five stars.

Desk Calendars: This year one of my students gave me a desk calendar.  It takes up space, which I don’t like, but it’s nice to see the date at a glance.  Occasionally, I jot important events on it.  I give it three stars.

Hanging Calendars: These are fine unless, like the picture above, they never get changed.  A hanging calendar can help us know a date from far away (if you’re not going blind like I am).  I see little value in these.  I hung the first two months on my personal bulletin board during the first week of school and still haven’t taken them down.  I give it one star.

Card Calendars: A small calendar in the wallet can help when I’m out in public.  Unfortunately, I rarely think to use it.  I give it half a star.

Electronic Calendars: Some people have little palm calendars they walk around poking.  I’m sorry, but I’m not that person.  If you are, then please forgive me.  I’ll not write anything here, because I’m trying not to say negative things about people these days.  Computer calendars that pop up every now and again to remind me that I have an important meeting are among my favorite kinds.  It’s especially helpful when people send a calendar event on an email that I can just “accept.”  I know that I can forget the meeting, because in a few days, I’ll get a reminder.  In summary,  I give palm calendars zero stars and computer calendars five stars.

What about you?  Is your calendar working for you this year?

“I’ve been on a calendar, but I’ve never been on time.” Marilyn Monroe


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  1. I like the wall calendar. We hang it right over the kitchen table and we all put our important dates on it (all is just 2 of us now, but Jenny used to be on it too). It makes it easy for us to see what the whole month looks like for both of us. In our house, once it gets on that calendar, it’s almost sure we’ll keep that commitment. Of course, I am the one who manages the calendar.

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