Day 91: Not an April Fool’s Post or Why I’m Mushy #2


I’d love to buy you all some Roti or Thai banana pancakes.

Well today, I’m feeling very mushy again!  It’s because of what you did yesterday!  One of you, it might even be you, became the 5,000th viewer of these daily posts. THANK YOU!

Posting Every Day: After the first week, I began to feel embarrassed about putting something out every day.  Vulnerability can be difficult, and posting daily requires it! On December 31st, the WordPress PostADay in 2011 Challenge sounded fun.  I’m not at all a writer, and I hoped to try something new to stretch my thinking this year.  When the reality of writing daily hit, I was really discouraged.

The Turning Point: After two weeks, I was ready to give up.  I’d learned a lot about posting but had only a couple of viewers and on many days, no viewers.  When I woke up on January 19th, I was surprised by WordPress.  They had Freshly Pressed a silly post about eating fast foods and my box was overflowing with comments.  In that third week there were 2,532 viewers.  I gained some super great posting friends, and I was hooked.

Ups and Downs: Since mid-January, I’ve been blessed with a sweet audience of about 20-70 of you who read these daily posts.  You know that some days are horrible, because you read the posts.  It’s impossible for me to put out a great post every day, but you guys have been there anyway, cheering me on!

So today, I want to say thank you all!  I’d love to buy you each a banana pancake.  When you see me, let me know that I owe you one!

“A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.”  Elbert Hubbard


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  1. I just may come to your hometown to claim my prize.;)
    I have enjoyed your daily posts. How cool to get so many viewers in ONE day. You do deserve it for being so faithful and interesting!

    • Yes, please come and claim your prize! Also, I’d love to have 5,000 viewers in one day, but this is 5,000 viewers for the whole year!!! Jan – March!!!! So, you can see, it’s not so popular at all!!!! Still, I’m having a blast and trying to stretch. The biggest days were the Freshly Pressed days of 1,200 something viewers for a couple of days! Sorry to disappoint!!! I’m glad to read your posts again!

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