Day 96: Why Starting Over Often Makes the Most Sense


When doing a new thing, it’s often best to start completely over!

Several years ago, Siam Inter-continental Hotel was torn down to make way for a new shopping complex.  When I saw the destruction taking place, I wondered why the building had not been somehow incorporated into the new structure.  What a beautiful site with all of those luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms.  It seemed such a waste to destroy it completely.

Today, Siam Paragon, a brand new structure, stands in its place.  I must admit it’s bigger and better than we all expected.  Though I imagined I’d never shop in a place that had destroyed such a beautiful hotel, I find myself there quite often.

It goes to show, that there are times to start completely over.  Wisdom comes in knowing when that time has come.  Here are a few opportunities for starting over.

Moving to a new place- I’m a mover.  I like the whole idea of change.  It’s fun to set up a new house and learn new ways of doing things.  What’s difficult is knowing how to start over again.  What parts of my old life do I bring along?  Which things do I really want to start anew?  Moving often gives us lots of opportunity to start again.  Am I moving?  I don’t thinks so, but I sure hope so.

Starting a new relationship- Love relationships gained and lost in younger years really set us up for life.  Working overseas, our lives are about constantly starting new relationships.  Though it’s often difficult to part with friends, we are richer because of the many different relationships in which we invest.  We don’t lose when we start again.  Instead, we gain more friends.

Beginning  work in a new field- I’m amazed that Colonel Sanders began his restaurant business at an old age.  He didn’t, however, completely start over.  His career certainly changed, but we can see how his life experiences prepared him.  His dream worked.  Sometimes it’s time for us to make a change, but unlike Colonel Sanders, we’re just too chicken!  Still, it’s not too late to start again.

If Siam Paragon had kept parts of the Siam Inter-continental Hotel, its new structure would not have been accomplished.  I do have a question though.  Have you noticed the beautiful bathrooms in the Paragon?

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”  C.S. Lewis


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  1. A. Great bathrooms in Paragon and the only movie theatres in Bangkok that are even close to wheelchair accessible…though still some stairs to navigate.

    B. I bet you frequent Paragon for Krispy Kreme!

    C. I still have fond memories of the old hotel.

    D. You may not be moving-just yet, but your kids are.

    E. I miss you, even when we miss just one Tuesday get together, but I get to meet you in this blog…something new.

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