Day 98: Why Emotions Shape Our Personalities


Would these drinks help your friends know when to approach you?

Last night I was moody and I’m not even sure why.  My family tried to warn me.  ”You know, you seem a little grumpy.”  That ALWAYS helps!  Actually, I had been in a good mood all day knowing that my husband would be returning from a trip.  Then, I guess something clicked.  What is it with emotions?

Keeping track: It might be interesting to know our full range of emotions in a day or perhaps even in an hour (for we moody people).  Ronit Herzfeld, a psychotherapist from New York, created an application for the iPhone to help people record their emotions and get some self-help, according to an article by USA Today.  Now that might be taking it too far, but I’d love to know what triggers my various emotional states.

Dealing with reality: Emotions come and go.  It might be nice to go and select an EMO  bottle like you see in the picture or wear some kind of color-coded clothes that warn people about our moods.  Isn’t that how some animals do it?  Contrary to common belief, chameleons don’t change colors to match the environment, but they do change colors based on emotions and on temperature.  According to Reptile Knowledge, chameleons turn bright colors when they are angry or afraid. I guess we could warn others as best we can when we are upset so that they can choose which part of our personality they want to see.

Getting help: Being emotional is not all bad.  I prefer my present state more than being called heartless, emotionless, or cold-hearted (although that’s a good term here in Thailand).  Emotions do shape us, but we don’t want unhealthy emotions to overtake us.  Emotional management might be in order for some. Remember the Incredible Hulk?  Now that guy had some real anger management issues.  The bottom line is that some of us need help.  While pent up emotions can harm us, throwing them around like a baseball is also a problem.  If you don’t have a good friend who keeps you on target, perhaps a trained counselor can offer assistance.

Moving forward: For me, I have a great group of supporters who keep me on track.  Our family is close.  We say it like it is.  As long as we support each other with love, that is a good thing.  Close friends have also kept me on track.  I love that we can spur each other on.  The best advice I’d give is to spend time in prayer talking to God.  The Bible says, “Cast your cares on Him, for He cares for you.”  God’s speaking into our lives can give us a radical personality change.

Emotions will certainly shape us, but knowing how to use them to show more of who we really are is the art of life.  We don’t want to be so emotionless, that we can’t understand others.  Yet, we need to keep a balance so that others are not walking on eggshells around us as well.

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” Pablo Picasso


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  1. I don’t see you “down” very often. God has blessed you with the gift of almost always finding some positive side to most situations. I have learned so much from being your friend.

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