Day 103: Why Taking Too Much Precaution Takes Away the Joy of the Unexpected


It interests me why someone would bring three umbrellas to a park!


“Going around under an umbrella interferes with one’s looking up at the sky.”  Jerzy Kosinski

While wearing a mask around town and carrying an umbrella to block the sun and the rain might contribute to better health, I’m not sure how they really contribute to better life.  After all, part of the joy of life is the unexpected experiences we encounter, right?

I don’t carry an umbrella. “Tut, Tut, It looks like rain!” Christopher Robin tried to help Winnie the Pooh persuade the bees that it was about to rain.

It’s true that I can avoid getting wet if I carry an umbrella, but that’s the chance I’m willing to take.  Unless it’s already pouring down rain, you won’t see me with an umbrella.  I live in the tropics and come home drenched on many occasions during an unexpected rainfall.  The neighbors are usually shaking their heads, but getting soaked usually makes me laugh.  Umbrellas are a burden for me to carry around.  I tend to leave them at a friend’s house, in an office, or in a car.  I can rarely find one when I really need one, and it won’t often hold up for me when the rain is really bad anyway.   So, call me ill-prepared, but that’s not me under these three umbrellas.  I don’t carry one.

I don’t wear masks. Masks are fun on a stage, but they look a bit foolish in public.  While there are occasions when masks are needed for those with cancer and other diseases where immune systems need special protection, many are using them as a fad.  Yes, we do live in a city with lots of pollution, and yes, our health might be at risk with H1N1.  Still though, I like to see a friendly smile, a face expression, and when someone unexpectedly sticks out their tongue.  I like to be able to hear a person clearly when they greet me rather than hear a muffled mumble through a face mask.  For me, an unnecessary face mask is too much precaution!

I don’t take medicine unless it is unavoidable.   Many believe in taking medicine for small aches and pains. I just don’t.  Something in my childhood turned me against medicine for everyday ailments.  The other day I had a bad fall near the park.  My husband knew I would have trouble sleeping and gave me Tylenol PM without my realizing it.  While it did help me sleep, I was totally confused the whole next day.  Though he was being sweet, I did inform him that I won’t be taking anymore of them.  Sometimes, I just have to live with a little pain in order to experience life more fully!

If you err strong on the side of precaution, great!  You’ll find yourself better prepared than me.  I’m just saying, life might be more enjoyable if we’re not breathing through something, carrying around something, and too drugged up to care.

“If every conceivable precaution is taken at first, one is often too discouraged to proceed at all.”  Archer J.P. Martin


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